The Association for the Development of Mayan Communities ADECOM is a non-profit organization that arises from the need of the students of the Communities of population in resistance-CPR. From Chajul El Quiche Guatemala.  ADECOM is an organization that works with the student communities of the population of rural villages that have several limitations to economic resources. The scholarships are direct donations that ADECOM receives from different sponsors. The funds cover the expenses for the payment of teachers, purchase of school supplies, 15% administrative expenses and the tuition payment for University students. The amount needed for a student to be sponsored is $21 a month from January to November 2018.  You can help sponsor a young student who years for a better education by purchasing products Fern & Whale offers in this section. 100% of the proceeds collected in this section will be donated to this organization and school in Quiche.

If you are interested in sponsoring a student through the whole year, message us and we will point you in the right direction.