Warmi Muyu (from Quechua "seed woman") was born in 2019 in an important context for the defense of mining-free territories, the Río Blanco Case. This project is created as a worthy alternative for women who fight against extractivism in the territories surrounding the Río Blanco mining project. This is based on the elaboration of crafts made with Czech beads, such as earrings, necklaces and other accessories;  woven and crocheted clothing is made and finally it is in the process of launch the range of natural medicine of plants of the páramo, thus sharing the ancestral knowledge of these territories from the women themselves. Warmi Muyu is a self-managed and administered project, it does not obey any company private or non-governmental or state organization. The artisans and beneficiaries of the project belong to the communities of San Antonio de Río Blanco, San Pedro de Yumate and Cochapamba from the Molleturo parish, Azuay province in Ecuador.

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